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Food Favourites – Pizza Party

I’m a foodie. That’s no surprise. I enjoy food. Eating it is especially a favourite thing of mine to do. These days there are so many varieties and choices with food, it’s interesting to explore our tastes. Food means different things to each of us. We all have foods we like and don’t like. We have tastes and flavours that bring us home or evoke a memory.

Within each type of food, like pizza, there are so many variations and flavours. So here’s a little about pizza.

Pizza Man

We know Pizza to be Italian and its origins stem back to 18th century Naples when tomatoes first came to Europe. Those less fortunate started adding tomatoes to “flat” bread. Although it was once thought that tomatoes were poisonous. Nevertheless, it was a very cheap dish to make.

Pizza was first sold in streets stalls and open air markets. Raffeale Esposito, was a Neapolitan pizzamaker who created the Margherita pizza for Queen Margherita. It contained tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese, these flavours resembling the colours of the Italian flag.

Nowdays, pizza is a favoured part of the western diet and is found in many countries around the world. There are so many different types from classic to those influenced by other cuisines. There are chains dedicated to pizza such as Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Eagle Boys, Round Table, Crust and of course, the local pizza place which is loved by all in the family.


What’s your favourite type of pizza? Where do you buy your pizza?

Jen xoxo



Delights & Deliciousness at High Tea

My parents had been helping me out. I love them. They stripped the old paint off my balcony (which took them forever) and gave it a fresh coat of paint. It’s now looking much more appealing and welcoming. I actually want to sit out there now. So I wanted to thank them. I could think of no better way to do this, than by taking them to Sir Stamford Circular Quay for high tea.

I booked us in for a Saturday afternoon at 3.00pm. I prepped Mum and Dad by telling them not to eat lunch. Mum wasn’t quite sure about this. Clearly, a high tea virgin! We took the train to Circular Quay and then a short five minute walk to the hotel.

It’s such a classy hotel, a bit old but opulent at the same time. We were taken to our seats and eagerly awaited the deliciousness to arrive.

First up, a glass of Moet & Chandon to start. I don’t drink Moet & Chandon that often, it may have something to do with the price, however this glass went down like a dream.

Then the goodies arrived. I had ordered Dad a gluten free high tea and I have to say, his was exceptional. He didn’t miss out on anything and of course, his belly was happy afterwards. Every treat that Mum and I had, Dad had an equivalent but gluten free. So great to see a hotel that caters for those following gluten free diets.

Ready to eat

Ready to eat

Now, where was I? Yes, that’s right, back to the food. Three tiers of absolute delights. The bottom tier was savoury with the famous Stamford curry puff, some pastries, sandwiches and tartlets. Next up, wonderful, sweet goodies such as macaroons, homemade chocolates, mousse cake, cheesecake and a little mango panacotta thingy. Really not quite sure of the correct technical name for that, but my O my, it was exquisite in taste.

The top tier was the freshly made scones with fresh jam and King Island cream. Oh, it was heaven on a plate.

Given it is high tea, you can order tea or coffee. Mum and Dad had cappuccinos whilst I had a peppermint tea (which I preceded to spill everywhere, you can’t take some people anywhere).

The room where you sit is quite grand, with large, comfortable chairs and an ambience of grandeur. If you are lucky enough to get a window seat (we didn’t), it is great to people watch from the comfort of your table.

I am happy to report we devoured every little bit of food. Always a sign of a great chef! We weren’t uncomfortably full either. Just content. Oh…and just in case you were wondering, Mum was very happy that she hadn’t eaten lunch. One to the daughter with that tip!

If you’re looking for something sweet to do, this is such a great option especially for the ladies in your life. So go on, treat them. You’ll win lots of “brownie” points!!

Have you been to High Tea? Where did you go?

Jen xoxo

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, I loved High Tea so much I wanted to share it with you and hope that you’ll have this experience too.