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How To De-Stress With Yoga

Life can be very hectic. I’m sure you find yourself with too many things to go, too many people wanting a piece of you and not much time left for you. If you’re anything like me, then I find it hard to say no. Quite often I don’t actually want to say “no”. I like helping people. It’s just when you get one thing after another, it can sometimes just become too much. It’s then that you’ve crossed the stress threshold.

Stress affects each of us differently. It can really play havoc on our health. It can cause us to be emotional and reach for food, or we might experience different physical reactions. Of course, we usually lash out with those whom we’re closest to, our partners or children.

It’s really important to understand how it affects you. You also need to know when you are starting to reach your stress threshold. It will be different for each of us. You don’t need to get to that point. It’s not worth it. There are many things you can do to rid your body from stress and mentally re-gather.

Yoga is wonderful for de-stressing. It allows your mind to quieten, it gives you time for you, stretches your body and helps you re-connect with yourself. You come out feeling so wonderful afterwards. Your body feels better and your mind less cluttered.

Start tomorrow! Why wait?

Start tomorrow! Why wait?

You might be thinking you aren’t very flexible or you can’t quieten your mind. I need to tell you, you’re already over-thinking this. With yoga, you need to just to it. Don’t worry about anyone around you, zone in on yourself. Just do whatever you can do. It’s not a contest and there’s no need to be better than anyone else.

Yoga is almost an escapism, taking you out of the chaos and into the silence. Silence is golden. It just gives you time to do nothing except to honour yourself. With a calm mind, you can focus on the body. Connecting breathe with the body.

Calm and Free

Calm and Free

Like most people, I hold stress in my body. I need to get it out somehow. I quite enjoy exercising to get rid of the stress, but honestly found nothing has worked better than yoga. It’s now my thing. I need my thing. I need it regularly.

If you haven’t been feeling yourself or have been really stressed of late, find your local yoga class. You’ll never look back. Control stress before it controls you.

Have you tried yoga? What style did you try? What did yoga do for you?

Jen xox

How To Play Election Dodgeball

We all know there’s another election just around the corner. Oh, how glad we will be once it’s over. Every day we are bombarded with ads, promises, debates and more promises. Then there’s the leaflets which end up in your letterbox or get shoved in your face at the train station each morning. This one is particularly annoying me as I’m a target audience. Let’s face it, I have to catch the train to get to work. They know this, so it’s become hard to escape the leaflet shoving political people.

Damn Election

Damn Election

I’ve become fed up and decided to devise some simple strategies to help you dodge the leaflet shoving political people and stay sane through this election. These simple strategies build on each other to create an almighty powerful dodgeball! Try these:-

  1. Don’t make eye contact

This one is simple but so effective. Don’t look them in the eye. Keep your eyes down. Focus on something else and you’ll be okay. I find the phone to be your best distracter. Keep looking at it, tweeting, texting or facebooking as it all helps to keep you focused on something other than the leaflet shovers.

Don't Look

Don’t Look

2. Keep your hands full

You may think this is silly but it works. Trust me, Labor and Liberal alternate each day at the station, so I’ve had plenty of practice. I find a coffee in one hand and bag in the other does the trick. I can’t take their leaflet and if you combine this one with number 1, then presto, avoidance is easy.

3. Fake a phone call

Love this one. Stick headphones in, phone in hand, coffee in other hand and talk away. Add a bit of anger and frustration through your voice in the fake phone call. They won’t come near an angry woman who’s having a bit of drama in her life. It’s like they sense the bitchenator lights and save their leaflet for another suspect.

4. Do the sidestep

This one can be a bit tricky and you need to be careful. A few little sidesteps, coffee in one hand, phone in the other, a few choice words to the fake phone call and you know, they’ve completely missed you.

5. Announce you’re voting for the other team

It’s obvious. A little crazy but very powerful. We like crazy and powerful. As the leaflet shovers approach and just as they are about to hand you a leaflet, proudly announce you vote for the other party. Bingo. Off they go to someone else. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We Know Its Coming

We Know Its Coming

Okay, so there’s plenty of other things you can be doing to avoid the crazy leaflet shovers during this election but I hope I’ve helped you out with a few simply tricks.

Don’t forget, combine a few as a layering approach always works best.

So tell me, how will you avoid the leaflet shovers this election?

Jen xoxo