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There was a Princess who made a BBQ Fork

I not sure I would say craft is my strong point. Although, I was very good at sewing and even made my year 10 formal dress. Actually, I topped year 10 sewing or as it was called, Textiles & Designs. I even sewed my bridesmaid dress for Nanna’s wedding. Yep, Nanna remarried at 64. But that’s a whole other story, although there is hope for me yet.

With all that said, there is one story to tell. As a fresh eyed high schooler one of the delights was getting to try all subjects in year 7. This was exciting. Much better than the boring Maths and English. I got to try home science (aka cooking), sewing, art, woodwork and metalwork. Now, I’m not a complete princess but getting my hands dirty is not my first preference in a list of things to do.

Princess Jen!

Princess Jen!

When it came time to try metalwork, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The classroom wasn’t as neat and organised as the others. It was very tradey and felt dirty with machines that I had already envisaged removing some of my fingers. I knew I didn’t belong. Nevertheless, I had to make a metal BBQ fork. I was slow to get going on this task and spent most of my time trying to get the boys to do it for me. Quite simply, that approach didn’t work. So, I was going to have to face these machines if I was going to pass this subject. I finally got the courage and started making my fork.

I even used the machines and still managed to keep all my fingers. In the end I had finished and was mighty proud of what my delicate princess hands had created. Then it came time to hand it in. You know how at school you all go up to hand something in to the teacher and you strategically wait until three quarters of the group has gone and then you slide in with the last quarter? I was in the last quarter.

It was just girls at the end and we were handing our BBQ fork in and then we could go. I handed mine over the desk and the instantly the teacher started laughing. I asked him what was so funny? He looked bemused and then politely told me the middle prong of a three prong BBQ fork was welded on the wrong way. What else could I do but laugh?

To this day, Dad still tells this story and gives a hearty laugh every time. It’s fair to say I was much better at sewing.

What creations have you made that haven’t quite turned out as planned? Do tell….it will make me feel better.

Jen xo

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