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Why Women Are Worth It!

I had the opportunity to see Dr Lois Frankel recently at a Sydney Business Chicks event. She is a fantastic speaker who tells it how it is. No nonsense or dancing around the truth. She makes it crystal clear. In the two hour workshop she squeezed in many messages to a room full of 200 women. The one that really struck me was, ‘Women are worth it.’

It’s a pretty simple message but one we absolutely forget. We forget because we tend to put others before ourselves. You know, the husband, partner, kids, family, friends, work, housework, chores and the list goes on. We often get so immersed and consumed by our lives we simply forget to nurture ourselves.

We simply forget we’re ‘worth it’.

Worth it

What is ‘worth it’ anyway? Let’s look at a few things that make women, ‘worth it’:-

1)      We have amazing bodies

Okay, some of us have more to hug than others or things may not quite look how they used to. However, the female body is something to be proud of. It’s much better looking than the male body. It allows us to carry other human beings and be able to feed them. It expands and it shrinks. If we look after it, it looks after us.

2)      We are amazing multi-taskers

As women, we have the unique ability to do several things at once and even manage to have eyes at the back of our head. I always wondered how my mum knew what I was doing! Many of us work part time or full time, have families or other responsibilities and somehow we seem to accomplish so much. We juggle this while making that, we organise this and clean that. In the chaos of our lives, we often focus on what we haven’t done, rather than how much we have done.


3)      We are amazing nurturers

Sometimes you just need a hug or a few loving words to soothe the soul. There’s nothing better than a mum’s hug. It makes everything better. As for soothing the soul, somehow we women always find the words for any situation. We make things better. We know what to say to make someone feel loved and to soothe their soul. It’s special. It’s a gift.

4)      We are resilient

Resilience is a core part of a women’s worth. We often get knocked down and have to get right back up. We are determined when we want to be and more importantly, when we need to be. We are stronger than we ever believed. We push forward when we never knew how to or never thought we could.

5)      We are valuable

Every woman is valuable. We are valuable in all that we do, our contribution to business, communities, families and friendships. We run businesses, empires, blog, bake, bring up children, cook, clean and shop. And that list has only just begun.

Being valuable is underestimated. I looked up the word ‘valuable’ in the Collins GEM Australian English Dictionary, it read:-

“precious, worthy, capable of being valued”

Those few words say it all. As women we are precious, worthy and capable of being valued.

Whatever we do each day in our lives, we offer value to all that we do. For that, we need to be proud. For that, we are ‘worth it”.

So tell me, how are you worth it?

Jen xoxo

How To De-Stress With Yoga

Life can be very hectic. I’m sure you find yourself with too many things to go, too many people wanting a piece of you and not much time left for you. If you’re anything like me, then I find it hard to say no. Quite often I don’t actually want to say “no”. I like helping people. It’s just when you get one thing after another, it can sometimes just become too much. It’s then that you’ve crossed the stress threshold.

Stress affects each of us differently. It can really play havoc on our health. It can cause us to be emotional and reach for food, or we might experience different physical reactions. Of course, we usually lash out with those whom we’re closest to, our partners or children.

It’s really important to understand how it affects you. You also need to know when you are starting to reach your stress threshold. It will be different for each of us. You don’t need to get to that point. It’s not worth it. There are many things you can do to rid your body from stress and mentally re-gather.

Yoga is wonderful for de-stressing. It allows your mind to quieten, it gives you time for you, stretches your body and helps you re-connect with yourself. You come out feeling so wonderful afterwards. Your body feels better and your mind less cluttered.

Start tomorrow! Why wait?

Start tomorrow! Why wait?

You might be thinking you aren’t very flexible or you can’t quieten your mind. I need to tell you, you’re already over-thinking this. With yoga, you need to just to it. Don’t worry about anyone around you, zone in on yourself. Just do whatever you can do. It’s not a contest and there’s no need to be better than anyone else.

Yoga is almost an escapism, taking you out of the chaos and into the silence. Silence is golden. It just gives you time to do nothing except to honour yourself. With a calm mind, you can focus on the body. Connecting breathe with the body.

Calm and Free

Calm and Free

Like most people, I hold stress in my body. I need to get it out somehow. I quite enjoy exercising to get rid of the stress, but honestly found nothing has worked better than yoga. It’s now my thing. I need my thing. I need it regularly.

If you haven’t been feeling yourself or have been really stressed of late, find your local yoga class. You’ll never look back. Control stress before it controls you.

Have you tried yoga? What style did you try? What did yoga do for you?

Jen xox