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In case you aren’t aware, I love my coffee. Just to refresh you, a skim, vanilla latte from my coffee shop, The Coffee Emporium, is the best way to start my day. If ever we are meeting up, one of these and I’m quite content. I may even ask you for another one, a committed customer indeed I am.

Now, coffee aside, The Coffee Emporium is a seven day operation. With shifts and rosters, this means there are different baristas across the week. Naturally, they all know me and know what I have. I joke I am their best customer. However, if they had to rely on me to keep their business going, sadly, it wouldn’t. Such a committed customer as I, the staff even get worried if I am not in every day. The other week I didn’t come in on a Saturday and they were asking a friend about me.

Jen's Favourite Coffee

Jen’s Favourite Coffee

Some know my name and some give me a nickname. The Thursday night, Saturday and Sunday Barista calls me ‘Skim Lady’. I don’t mind it at all. Of course, I told him I would prefer if it was ‘Skinny Lady’ however that is a work in progress.

On chatting with the weekend Barista, it seems he has nicknames for other customers. My girlfriend who comes in is called ‘Skim Lady’s Friend’. There is ‘Lactose Free’ lady, ‘Extra Hot’ man, ‘DL’ man (as he looks like Darren Lockyer, an ex-Brisbane Broncos footballer) and ‘Weekend’ man. All references to how we like our coffee, how we look, although ‘weekend’ man only visits the shop, naturally, on the weekend.

I felt it was only fitting I return the favour to the weekend Barista and give him a nickname. It’s taken me quite a while however I have come up with a nickname for him. Yes, it’s none other than ‘Barista Boy’. There was some debate around ‘Coffee King’ however I much prefer ‘Barista Boy’.

Do you of any shops you visit that have a nickname for you?? Or do the shops you frequent simply call you by your name?

Jen xoxo

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