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Crazy about Cooper!

To My Bradley,

I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how I feel.

This is love. True love. Your piercing blue eyes looking back at me. I could stare at you all day. Your rugged face is strong and chiselled. Defined cheekbones and a wonderful smile. I can’t wait until you are smiling at me. Everyday.

Hello Mr Cooper

Hello Mr Cooper

I am your wife. You just don’t know it.

The future Mrs Bradley Cooper, it has a wonderful ring to it, don’t you think?

Let me tell you a bit about the future Mrs Bradley Cooper. I have striking blue eyes as well. They are my best feature. They tell you so much about me.

I’m not a model by any means. My body is only a personal trainer and a few short months away from being slender. I have dark brown curly hair that falls gently to the bottom of my neck.

Oh…I have a great set of boobs. Natural boobs as well. Most guys compliment me on them. Just think they will be yours.

I have moderate culinary skills and still have all my fingers. I haven’t burnt down a kitchen yet. What’s more, my food actually tastes good. I am pleased to say my cooking also hasn’t killed anyone yet. I know I will love to cook for you. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. As long as I don’t give you diarrhoea or food poisoning, however just in case, there’s always a restaurant you can take me to.

I love to socialise and am a hostess with the most-ess. Going out to dinner and I love watching movies. I throw a mean party as long as its catered for. Who wants to stay in the kitchen when you can be amongst the party and having so much fun!

I don’t mind a night at home, snuggled up on the couch. With a good book, lots of wine and the one that I love.

I love a bit of romance, so throw some my way. Spoil and surprise me, with flowers and chocolates each day.

Whilst I’m no nobel prize winner, I think I’m intelligent. Quite often I experience verbal diarrhoea, and only rare moments of intellectual brilliance. Although, I do have a degree so that proves some shred of intelligence, doesn’t it? I speak a little bit of French. Oui Oui! But when you speak French, it’s so Oh La La La.

I admire your work. You’re such a passionate and committed one. I work hard too, don’t get me wrong. I’m a HR professional, the hiring and firing kind of one.

There’s not much else to say so I’ll quote you instead. “I love the company of a great woman.” Please take this great woman to bed.

Your wife in waiting, the future Mrs Cooper,

Jen xoxo

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I Want What She’s Having, Now!

I love the title of this book. It’s not your typical diet and fitness book. It strips away the bells and whistles to a simplified approach that anyone can follow. Make no mistake, there’s still few things you need to do and like anything worth doing, it won’t always be easy. However, if you’ve ever found yourself sabotaging your weight loss efforts, then this book is for you.

There’s no crazy diet plan to follow which usually involves hours in the supermarket to locate weird and wonderful ingredients you haven’t heard of before. It doesn’t involve hours of preparation. There are no rigorous exercise plans that demand hours of your time or the need to purchase expensive equipment. No, this book is simple and easy to follow.

What’s more, there’s no celebrity splashed across the cover who was born with amazing genes and who doesn’t really understand what not being your confident weight is all about. Both Donna and Tora have been there. They know what it’s like to battle on the rollercoaster of trying to lose weight and failing.

I want what she's having now

Their story is real. What’s more, it’s a story everyone can relate to in one way or another. Not only are they at their confident weight and have been for over 15 years; however they have coached others to their confident weight as well. Wouldn’t you like to be at your confident weight? Wouldn’t you like to look and feel great?

Now, you can.

Let’s face it. We all know what we should eat and the importance of exercise. However, if your mindset isn’t right, then you won’t be giving yourself the best chance of for weight loss success. In “I Want What She’s Having, Now!”, Donna and Tora will show you how Mastering your Mindset is critical to your success. To put it bluntly, your mindset plays an important part in your weight loss journey. You need to invest a little time to get this right.

With your mindset conquered and set for success, Donna and Tora will show you how to Rev up your Metabolism. Tackling everything from exercise to sleep, it all makes incredible sense. What’s more, you can actually implement these simple strategies to get the weight off and importantly, keep it off.

Now that your metabolism is revved, Donna and Tora look to supercharge your motivation. Here’s where you learn about an amazing concept, “WhyPower”. At the end of the day, we all need motivation to push us to take action.

Why do you need this book? Weight loss isn’t all about diet and exercise. It’s so much more. “I Want What She’s Having, Now!” shows you the ‘more’ and the simplistic approach will set you on a path to reaching your confident weight and staying there.

Do you want to feel and look your best? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, then it’s time you did yourself a favour, put yourself first and buy this book. Any investment in you is worth it. You won’t look back.

Jen xoxo

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